MFC has a rich history in flight training that dates back to 1929. MFC has trained students from 68 countries and has been recognized internationally for its dedicated focus on quality and safety.


With over 85 years of experience as an industry leader, we educate and develop aviation professionals with state-of-the-art curriculum, highly qualified instructors and modern facilities and equipment. These activities are carried out in a safety oriented training environment on a financially viable basis.


In a year, MFC has the capacity to train 450 students between the Moncton and Fredericton Campus. Currently the Moncton Campus offers domestic and international programs with a 260-student capacity and a staff of 55. The Fredericton campus is solely for Chinese student training and has a capacity of 190 students and employs 70 people. Both of the campuses have on-site kitchens and residences.

 MFC is the largest private flight school in Canada. It is also one of six, out of 150 schools in Canada, to be given integrated status. MFC has an approved FTU, ATO and AMO from Transport Canada and also has CAAC (China) approval.

Since its inception, MFC has taught over 20 000 pilots from around the world to fly.  Graduates from MFC pilot aircraft in every corner of the planet, and hold senior positions throughout the world's airlines, aviation authorities and companies. MFC offers an instructor program in order for students to become flight or ground school instructors.

Our Vision:

We are an advanced aviation college internationally recognized for producing aviation professionals and industry leaders, by exceeding industry training standards.