There is no better time than now to choose a career in Aviation. Estimates indicate that the global market will need 30,000 new commercial planes and 500,000 new pilots over the next 20 years.


In Canada, the HRDC – ATAC study “ Follow up to the Human Resource Study of Commercial Pilots in Canada� indicates the following demand:


2,200 new positions over the next five years.


1,130 pilots expected to retire in the next five years


Net gain – 3,330 pilots jobs


The traditional view of most people is that a career in aviation means you will eventually work for an airline. This is indeed one type of flying job. There are approximately 15, 000 professional pilots in Canada, yet only 4 ,000 work for major airlines. The remainder work at various jobs throughout the industry.  A significant stepping stone to the large airlines is a level two airline, such as Provincial Airlines, Georgian, Skylink, Bearskin and Wasaya to name a few.  These airlines are also involved in numerous activities such as passenger movement, cargo, and specialty operations such as Provincial Airlines with their offshore contracts.


Corporate aviation is widespread in North America. The differences between this type of flying and the airline jobs is that the corporate pilot flies all over North America, and in some cases travel around the world, whereas an airline pilot will fly within a certain area serviced by their airline.


Flying careers such as agricultural and forest protection are a very specialized type of flying. This type of flying is normally seasonal, but some pilots work contracts around the world during the Canadian winter months. Most provinces in Canada have their own fleets of specialty operations.  Forest Protection Limited in New Brunswick is an example of this kind of operator.


Another starting point for many pilots is to work on the ramp or in dispatch for some companies for as long as a year before getting a flying seat. This is an excellent way to get industry experience as a pilot while building credentials towards a major airline job or other career choice.


Medevac operations are very similar to corporate or charter flying, except that you have the added responsibility to work with a medical crew to ensure successful completion of your mission. This type of flying can very demanding as well as very satisfying.


International airlines and companies are hiring new graduates.  For example, MFC has returned over 900 graduates back to China where they are hired by Chinese airlines as first officers.  This is true for many other Asian countries and growing markets around the world.  If you are open to adventure and travel, being a pilot opens the doors to you globally.


We consider the flight Instructor job as an excellent way to begin an aviation career. MFC hires many of its own graduates that have completed the flight instructors rating at MFC. Depending on what’s happening in the industry, flight instructors at MFC can work for anywhere from a few months to a couple of years before getting picked up by an airline or other industry opportunity.  Usually,  flight hours and experience are what the airlines are looking for and you get both in abundance as an instructor including very valuable Pilot in Command time.  This is especially true at a larger school such as MFC with so many students and contracts.   


MFC has recently reached launched a cadet program in partnership with Provincial Airlines (PAL). 

The “PAL Cadet Program at MFC� will encourage a close working relationship between PAL and MFC managers as well a defined career path opportunity for MFC graduates. By formalizing the process, both companies can better plan for PAL’s hiring demands and prepare students and flight instructors for PAL’s specific requirements.


The formalization of this relationship will provide opportunity to MFC graduates, allow MFC to provide another career gateway option to its students and staff, and allow PAL to attract and hire a stream of candidates that meet the requirements of the growing airline.


The diagram below shows the career typical path in North America.  Please contact us with any questions.  We are confident that as a MFC graduate, you will find meaningful work in our exciting, growing and dynamic industry.