Intake Dates: Throughout the year (subject to availability)

The Modular Pilot Training Programs are structured to meet the needs of a student wishing to either extend their pilot training or complete one or more Licences and/or Ratings at their own pace. For example, if you already have a Commercial Licence and you wish to add a Multi and/or Instrument Rating, or if you hold a full-time job and require a flexible studying schedule, the modular program is ideal for you.

Please note that all modular programs are subject to availability, we may have a wait list for some or all of these options.  You can check with us to see if this is the case and to be placed on the list.

The programs offered include:

Recreational Pilot Permit

This permit allows you to fly with a family member or friend for fun on good weather days. Valid in Canada only.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Spread your wings and fly as many friends or family that your aircraft is certified to hold.  This license is valid world-wide and can be converted to other PPL's by aviation authorities in partnership with Transport Canada. You can also add various ratings and privileges to increase your flying experience.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Enjoy the same privileges as the PPL and earn a living by flying  a commercial airliner with the correct aircraft type training.

Night Rating

Don't limit your flying experience to daytime. To maximize your flying options and start flying at night you will need to hold the PPL.  This is Included in the CPL.

Multi-Engine Rating:

Fly an aircraft with more than one engine.  A PPL or CPL is needed to obtain this rating.

VFR Over the Top Rating:

As it is part of the CPL course, the VFR OTT is an add-on rating for the PPL program. If you would like flexibility when flying, but you don't want to complete the instrument rating course, then the VFR OTT rating could be for you.

Instrument Rating:

Our instrument rating program gives you the skill set to fly in inclement weather. You will need a PPL or CPL to hold this rating and you can achieve 3 different levels of instrument rating for fixed wing aircraft. A group 1 instrument rating permits you to fly all fixed wing aircraft, a group 2 is for center line multi engine thrust and single engine aircraft. A group 3 is for single engine aircraft only.

Instructor Rating:

Do you want to fly for a living and you are not sure how to get started? Consider the instructor rating course. You will need a CPL with 200 hours of flying time to become an instructor. This rating provides the skills and confidence you need to teach other people to fly.