At MFC, we share a passion for operational excellence and a commitment to our Quality Management Program.

We are personally responsible to ensure all services and functions of our departments are professionally delivered, while maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring continual improvement of the processes therein.

We have a strong commitment to safety and our Safety Management Program.

We foster safety through our management principals, operating policies, and continual improvement initiatives. Supporting mechanisms, such as our non-punitive reporting system, will empower us to become ambassadors of our safety culture.


We are committed to providing courteous and responsive quality service by fostering a respectful, professional, positive, and welcoming environment for all.

Our Philosophy:
We care about keeping you safe and will ensure that all operations are conducted in a safe manner.

Customers deserve the highest level of service and it will be provided by highly knowledgeable, motivated, well-trained staff.

We will respect customer suggestions and concerns.

Information provided is prompt, accurate, accessible and barrier-free.