Since 1929, Moncton Flight College has been entrusted with the responsibility to provide its students with the skills and knowledge to successfully embark upon a career in the aviation industry. Over the decades, the College has been enabling dreams to take flight, by graduating over 18 000 students. The pilots trained at Moncton Flight College are flying and managing aviation operations around the world. They hold positions as Chief Pilots, Chief Flight Instructors, government officials, as well as flight crews in companies on every continent.

The Moncton Flying Club was born at a meeting held in the Moncton City Hall, in March of 1929. This provisional body, originally known as the Moncton Aero Club,  approached the City Council and requested that it provide an airport for Moncton. The Flying Club operated on a very modest scale until 1939. With the start of World War II, the Moncton Flying Club became part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

During the war, it initially operated out of Chatham, N.B. and then in Neepawa, Manitoba. Here it was tasked to operate a fully operational flying school, employing over 400 personnel. With the end of the war in 1945, it returned to Moncton. After the war years, the Club operated once again at a very modest level until the arrival of Mr. Donald S. McClure in 1959. Don McClure subsequently guided the flying club through a period of growth to the extent that it could claim to be the largest flying school in the country. In fact, under the direction of Donald S. McClure, it pioneered the training of foreign students from many different countries, establishing a global reputation for excellence, achieving many awards, and reaching a pinnacle of almost 24,000 flying hours in a single year. This brought much honor and recognition to the City of Moncton.

During the McClure era of operations, MFC received the Royal Canadian Flying Clubs Association "Yorath Trophy" a remarkable 16 times. This award is given to the best flying club manager in the country. Don McClure retired in 1989 and in 2002 was inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame for "His outstanding dedication to the advancement of flight training, coupled with his tireless efforts to teach and inspire the youth of Canada through the Air Cadet League, which have been of major benefit to Canadians." He joined another MFC alumnus in the Hall of Fame. Mr. Al Lilly, a former Chief Flight Instructor at the College was inducted in 1984 for "The application of his superior skills in Test Flying,leading to vital improvements in many aircraft during war and peace, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation." Mr. Lilly also has the distinction of being the first Canadian pilot to break the sound barrier.

In 1997, after a lot of hard work on the part of many people, and under the managerial direction of Brad Mundle, Moncton Flight College was born. Since that time, the College has continued to develop and establish itself as a leading force in the flight training world. In the spring of 1998, Mike Doiron arrived at the College and became the new CEO and Principal.

Mr. Doiron took MFC to new heights in developing programs in China and Europe while improving MFC's curriculum and safety standards. In 2007, a second campus opened in Fredericton, in partnership with CANLink Aviation and its CEO, Mike Tilley. CANLink Aviation acquired Moncton Flight College in April, 2011 and will continue promoting to markets around the world.

In December 2011, the Fredericton Campus (CYFC) began operating at full capacity to offer services to the incoming Chinese students as demand for flight training grew. As of May 2014, a portion of the new Chinese classes have been operating out of the Moncton Campus, which made both campuses operate at full capacity.


 Now, over 80 years later, Moncton Flight College has withstood the test of time. Its rich history is full of success stories from students, instructors, managers and other dedicated members who have navigated the school through good times and bad. Today, the College has state-of-the-art facilities, simulators, and aircraft. The people at Moncton Flight Collegeare looking ahead  to the next 100 years of powered flight.

Over the years, the College has gained respect throughout the airline industry. This respect is based on recognition of MFC's training excellence,  high safety standards and our ability to deliver superior pilots to the industry.