From that moment I focused on my dream, and not knowing anything about the aviation industry in Canada, I looked everywhere and read everything.  All of the information I could find was pointing to Moncton Flight College. After a couple of visits to local flight schools I made the long trip down to Moncton and visited MFC.  I was IMPRESSED and my decision was made!  Every question I had (and I came prepared) was answered, the tour of the facilities was detailed and I was even given the opportunity to speak with a student, who had nothing but great things to say about everyone.

--Enrique Encarnacion Padilla

My first impression of the flight college was how professional and friendly the staff was. Everyone held doors open for the

person behind them, and the instructors always reminded the students they were there if ever they needed help with their studies. I can still remember instructors like Scott Ludlow (Now a first Officer on the Citation with Provincial Airlines) spending his lunch hour sitting reviewing with us students as we panicked about our upcoming exams.

--Tahara MacDonald

MFC gave me the basis of my career and the staff provided me with excellent guidance to help ensure my successful employment after graduation. There is no substitute for hard work, being prepared (mentally and physically), on-time for training, while keeping a positive attitude and having an open mind. This is the key to success as a student pilot. This regime also sets the foundation to become professional pilot. I look back at my time with MFC with fond memories, the personal and professional relationships that were built have lasted a lifetime!

--Mike Ivany

Thanks to MFC for teaching me all about flying.  The valuable experiences that I have during my learning at MFC are what I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to everyone at MFC including all our instructors, dispatchers, those who prepared our meals in the cafeteria and also the person in charge of our accommodations. Thank you MFC!

--Chris Ting